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As Zig Ziglar used to say, "You can get everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want." We can help you!

Whether you need a board level advisory member or a roll-up-the-sleeves-and-lend-a-hand operator, Greg at The Gudorf Group is standing by for you.


Are you a start-up trying to understand how to take flight, or an existing business struggling to soar once again? Greg's boardroom to main street experience can be the sounding board or implementation challenger you need to press  reset and soar again.


Greg follows the principle set forth by W. Edwards Deming, "In God we trust; all others must bring data!"  In today's digital world, your marketing is readily measured and analyzed with the result being that you can drive your business by easy to monitor and lever metrics, instead of just creative look and feel.

Program Management

Sometimes you just need someone who has "been there and done that" to handle the details so you remain free to focus on the big picture. Greg excels at that sort of operational helping hand. And once the ship is flying smoothly, he just as easily fades away while your business holds its newly attained altitude.


As the song says, "Answers are the easy part, questions raise the doubt." Understanding what questions to ask and when is the key to unlocking technology hurdles you may be facing. As an inventor on more then two-dozen USA patents in the tech space, Greg knows how to probe and ask those critically important questions.

What They're Saying About The Gudorf Group

  • “Greg is a highly seasoned executive who brings both breadth and depth to his role. I worked with Greg on a broad range of matters, including M&A, technology/business transactions, corporate finance and governance, intellectual property, HR issues, and product development and commercialization. Greg consistently brought keen insight, valuable experience, and strong leadership to the table.  In addition to both business and technical savvy, Greg demonstrated an ability to rally a team in tough times and bring focus and determination in challenging circumstances. Whether speaking to the board of directors, employees, a company partner, or the press, Greg was an excellent communicator; forthright, factual, concise, humorous, and persuasive.” David Mellen, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Digeo, Inc.
  • “Greg's talents as a leader cover the gamut you would want from this position. His business acumen not only provided the short term focus to achieve the necessary results, but his vision enabled the path towards the future. His motivational skills are exceptional to harness the best from the team. It was truly an honor to work for Greg and develop under his leadership.” Marc Beckwitt, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, Development, & Strategy for "The Netflix for Christians".
  • “Greg is a well-respected and incredibly well-rounded executive. He’s very technical, knowledgeable in marketing strategies, and an extremely seasoned corporate leader. Under Greg’s directives, Digeo launched 3 products within 18 months, a corporate goal that was set and successfully met. I had the privilege to work closely with Greg on Digeo’s corporate planning, strategic restructuring, business modeling and know first-hand the exceptional skills Greg brings to the organization. It was a pleasure working with Greg and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Greg again.” Elaine Guan, Vice President of Finance, Digeo, Inc.
  • “Simply put, Greg is one of the brightest executives I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His resolve to understand complex issues then build extraordinary solutions was just one of his many strengths. Greg also has a talent for making those around him feel at ease when discussing any topic, which is really the key in building friendships and a talented professional organization.” Mark Medawar, Regional Sales Manager, Sony Electronics
  • “Greg is an industry icon in the U.S. CE market, whether from satellite, cable, IPTV or consumer TV sets. His breadth of knowledge is literally staggering and often left me feeling as if I'd taken an Executive MBA course after casual conversations. On top of his considerable market knowledge and wealth of industry connections, he's just a plain nice guy with whom you can spend hours in friendly conversation on a wide spectrum of topics.” Meir Lehrer, VP, U.S. Technical Sales & Partnership Program, NDS Americas, Inc.
  • “Greg’s planning brought Sony Electronics to the Internet; that is a great legacy. A multi-talented technologist and an excellent person to work with, I highly recommend.” Geoffrey Anderson, Vice President, Advanced Wireless Technology, Sony Electronics