Meet our team

The Gudorf Group, Inc. believes in Zig Ziglar’s guiding principle that says “you can get everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want”.

Who we are

You want to fly as high as you dream. We know how to fly.

The Gudorf Group's founder, Greg Gudorf (G2), is an adventurous spirit with a passion for innovation that propelled him from a small-town, family-owned retail business, to the technology big leagues. Now he’s turning his attention to helping and supporting entrepreneurs everywhere in growing their businesses and claiming their rightful position as leaders of economic change and progress.
Greg’s experience spans across retail, distribution, and manufacturing businesses. He’s an inventor of record on 27 USA patents, a published author, speaker, and licensed private pilot. A goal-oriented individual, he tends to ask “why not” and “what-if” in approaching problems and opportunities.  Put his unique blend of skills to work for you today and you too will come to believe you can get everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.
G2 delivers the knowledge and information you need to breakthrough to the next level of business and personal performance. Put G2 to work for you and achieve your goals.



Frank Boniface

CFO/COO Hyper Growth

Greg is an inspiring executive I really enjoyed working with, building a new business, creating a JV with DreamWorks….Greg is a creative, fast moving, pragmatic entrepreneur with an amazing ability to pitch ideas, to address complex challenges, always focused on action and progress. It was a pleasure working closely with Greg.

Haydon Boone

Haydon Boone

VP Warner Media

A strong, results-driven leader always pushing for continued improvement, Greg is an affable executive with the rare ability to effectively lead organizations through significant change while still delivering on-time results. Approachable, persuasive and with a keen sense of humor, his open communication style not only helps him gain the trust and respect of the organization, but also motivates the organization toward continued results. 


David Migdal

Founder, Here & Now PR

“Greg’s ability to work across cultures successfully, whether in Asia, Europe or the Middle East, is well documented.  He cares and it shows in his communications and business style.” David Migdal former Vice President Public Relations & Communications, Sony